Our Fall Collection is Here | Behind the Launch

New Designs. New Colors.  Same Freshwater Feel.  



This year, we set out to create something different.  Itching to work with a different medium, we started dreaming up new designs for the Freshwater line – experimenting with styles and colors that we hadn't before.  

Our goal: to push ourselves, to expand our line with beautiful products true to the Freshwater feel, but with a little extra shine.  

"We LOVE color. And with leather being our primary material that we work with, we are always searching for ways to incorporate color into the mix. Once we acquired our first industrial laser this year, it opened up a whole new door of opportunities! It's awesome!!" – Brianne

We are over-the-moon excited about this launch. We're bringing you new jewelry, key fobs and dog tags with a fresh, colorful twist.  We hope you love the results and much as we do! ✨ 






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