Pour Me Something Tall and Strong

Hey Ya'll!

So excited to share with you our favorite family recipe for the Wisconsin-Style Whiskey Old Fashioned! We had wayyyy too much fun filming and shooting for this blog. Like, way too much fun. But, nothing wrong with a little day drinking, right?

This inspired our newest piece that we JUST added to the store. It's one of our favorites and you'll see it through out this blog. It's the "Tall & Strong" wall art and it's burned by hand on a beautiful piece of natural Poplar wood. No stain needed. It's 11 x 24" and fits perfectly into our home decor. Check it out HERE

First, we start with a shot (or 2 ✌️) of whiskey over ice. We prefer classic Jack Daniels, but you can use whatever your little heart desires.

Add a couple splashes of bitters, which you can pick up at any liquor store or online (love you Amazon!), and a drizzle of real local maple syrup. It has to be the real deal, folks.

STEP 3: This is our secret ingredient!
Top it off with 50/50. We have only found this magical liquid in Wisconsin, which is why we buy all the bottles they have out on the shelf to bring down south. There is a substitute that we have created, 3 parts Fresca to 1 part lime juice. It's similar enough but we like to have 50/50 in our pantry whenever possible.


Wisconsin-Style Whiskey Old Fashioned
Pour over ice 1-2 shots of your preference of Whiskey
Couple splashes of Bitters
Teaspoon of pure Maple Syrup
Top it off with 50/50 (Substitute: 3 parts Fresca to 1 part lime juice)
Stir & garnish with a lime wedge.

Cheers, lovelies!
Dani & Bri


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