The Cotton Collection with Angie Spencer

Freshwater Design Co. has partnered with the incredibly talented Angie Spencer and her beautiful, hand-stitched quilting capabilities, to create an exclusive collection of cozy, cotton, home decor items for YOU. 

About the Artist:
Angie Spencer has been quilting since 2008. She made her first quilt on a whim because of a magazine article and was hooked! She absolutely loves that quilts are practical, beautiful and that there is always something more to learn when it comes to quilting.

We have a special relationship with Angie, as we have known her our entire lives. She just so happens to be our cousin! Crafting and creativity flows through our family and it shows with every product that we make. We are so excited to partner with her to bring an even wider array of products for our customers. Welcome to the Freshwater team, Angie!

"I do actually believe that we pass along memory and emotion thru our crafts and I love that with quilts you can literally wrap yourself in that feeling."  - Angie Spencer

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.