About Us


Welcome to the lovely home of Freshwater Design Co.

We are Danielle Harmadi and Brianne Diermeier, two sisters & best friends who believe passionately in creating, in art, in travel, in fresh macaroons, in 80s movies nights and fearlessly following our dreams. We crave adventure (which Danielle meticulously plans because that’s who she is...) and believe in Harry Potter fanhood for life. By balancing nerdy and pretty and modern and witty, we are able to bring beautiful and useful art to you and your home.

Founded in the belief that through art and making people & their walls happy, we are happy. The drive? We want to continue to travel the world and experience beautiful cultures, landscapes, and food. It’s a powerful force to us. Between the collaboration of our experiences and inspirations, we strive to create fun art and decor for YOU. We also love creating unique custom pieces that are inspired by what you love. We are so excited to start a visual conversation, learn about you, and make something beautiful, together.

Love you guys,
Danielle & Brianne