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Natural | GLU Shades of U Nail Kit

$20.70 $34.50
We're all different and so are the many Shades of U! We now have 4 awesome Shades of U to pick from, play with and layer! These colors are perfect when you're looking for something understated and even better when mix and matched with the GLU nail colors. Let creativity be your guide, GLUGirl! All the colors in one pretty little bag: Shades of U 1: An easy, all-are-invited neutral. Works on any skin tone. Shades of U 2: A little bit latte color with pretty pink undertones Shades of U 3: A rich caramel color with warm undertones Shades of U 4: Stormy clouds mixed with a grey evening, an easy-for-all color. May we suggest a top coat to go along with your kit? The fine print: Safe, clean natural nail color that’s not tested on animals and does not use animal-derived ingredients which means our nail color is vegan-friendly. A 10-free formula that’s free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and other nastiness that just doesn’t need to be near those nails of yours.

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