Tee Gee Goodes

Night Moves Coconut Soy Wax Melts


Enjoy hours of flameless room-filling aromas in your favorite scents! Perfect for homes with wild animals and wandering babes, or for those that can be forgetful about flames. Do you also find yourself waking to the sound of thunder? Humming a song from 1962? Ain’t it funny… us too! The perfect mix of musk and mystery blended with a rush of an ocean breeze, this is the scent for you after getting back from the cornfields where the woods got heavy.

Scent Notes: Dark Musk, Plum, Sea Salt, Amber, Cardamom

Ingredients: Coconut-soy wax and fragrance oils

What You’re Receiving: + 10 Melts in a biodegradable bag sealed by a fancy label + Vegan ingredients

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