Tee Gee Goodes

Old Pine Refresher


Our Refresher is not just for your linens and lace - it’s for your body too! Our skin-safe base and fragrance oils make it easy for you to take your favorite Tee Gee Goodes scents with you everywhere, every day. As peaceful as the song by Ben Howard, Old Pine is a doorway into a forrest drenched in sunlight after a Spring shower. This is the perfect tree scent for year-round, and we definitely recommend this one for the fellas.

Scent Notes: Weathered Wood, Pine, Musk

Ingredients: Unscented skin-safe spray base and fragrance oils

What You’re Receiving: + 4 Ounces of our Refresher in a recyclable glass bottle with reusable misting top + Phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils / vegan ingredients + Some great smellin’ body, room, and linen spray

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