Freshwater Design Co.

RESPECT THE LOCALS (Moose) Leather & Velvet Keychain


Inspired by the vintage hotel key fob, our keychains are handcrafted of genuine leather for durability & backed with super soft velvet. Each design is created in-house and burned onto the leather – lasting a lifetime!

The RESPECT THE LOCALS collection was created to bring awareness to local wildlife and the importance of protecting those who were here first.

Moose are one of the most fascinating animals you might encounter in the backcountry of North America. Moose can be categorized into four different species in North America: the eastern moose, the Shiras moose, the Alaskan moose, and the northwestern moose. Depending on the species, moose can weigh as much as 1600 lbs. Woah!

• Handmade item
• Choose your Velvet Fabric color
• Burned Artwork
• Genuine Leather

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