Tee Gee Goodes

Wilde Roots Refresher

Our Refresher is not just for your linens and lace - it’s for your body too! Our skin-safe base and fragrance oils make it easy for you to take your favorite Tee Gee Goodes scents with you everywhere, every day. The first deep breath of morning air at the top of a mountain. A warm flannel embrace on a hay ride. A glass of whiskey on a chilly porch swing. Warmth of petitgrains and resin with the smoothness of dew and vetiver are polished off with a dash of thyme. Wilde Roots is the feeling of “right now” and “remember then” all in one. What You’re Receiving: 4 oz of our Refresher in a recyclable glass bottle with reusable misting top Scent Notes: Dew, Vetiver, Amber Resin, Thyme, Petitgrain Ingredients: Unscented skin-safe spray base and Phthalate-free fragrance oils

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